Practicing Yoga on Phi Phi Island - Phuket Thailand

Practicing Yoga on Phi Phi island with a beautiful 15 year old girl I met from Singapore - what a good sport to work with someone old enough to be her mother ;) This is where Leonardo DiCaprio filmed "The Beach" in 1995:

And a not very impressive Pigeon pose, but when will I ever have a better background???

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Poolenalena Park Beach, Maui Hawaii AKA Secret Beach

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007I finally got to do a little sight seeing with some beauties from Buenos Aries who I'm so happy and fortunate are in my Yoga training program:

031 They are truly beautiful on the inside and out!  Now that I have your attention here are some more photos of this amazing park known as "Secret Beach" here on the island:

003 006
I have about 2 weeks left of 12 hour days and then my adjustment to a 6 hour difference time change to look forward to when I return home.  In spite of all that, I'm completely in my element and having a wonderful time.  Strange to think that I just finished a 2 hour Ashtanga HOT Yoga class at 2 AM my time. you think I'll have some jet lag when I return to florida ;)?

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Aloha From Maui!

008WOW!  All I can say is that I love it here!

I am very busy working toward my advanced certification as a Yoga instructor.   I still have a ways to go and I haven't been able to sight see yet, but the view above is right in my back yard.  Everyone is so nice here and my Ashtanga Hot Yoga training is very challenging, but so enjoyable at the same time.  Here are a few more photos.  I will try to post more soon.

Even the city looks beautiful to me:

I was really enjoying watching several dogs play in the ocean at the beach:

It sure did make me miss these guys:

Thank goodness my husband is holding down the fort and sending me photos daily.  I truly have been visiting your blogs, but haven't been commenting because I am so focused on this extremely intense training.  I will make it up to you all.  Have a wonderful week my friends :)


Jennifer Aniston Thanks Yoga Teacher!

Jennifer Aniston thanks yoga teacher for her Decade of Hotness award

  • June 5th, 2011 4:00 pm ET

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Jennifer Aniston, who has a rockin' bikini body at 42, thanked her yoga instructor Mandy Ingber while accepting the Decade of Hotness award at Spike TV's 5th annual Guys' Choice Awards in Culver City, Calif., on June 4, 2011.

Aniston, who looked sleek and toned in a strapless black mini-dress, vowed to "keep downward-dogging until the fat lady sings" during her acceptance speech.

'I Eat Really Well and Work Out'

Jennifer maintains her superfit, toned physique by doing Pilates, running and doing two-hour yoga workouts every other day. Aniston has gotten fitter and more toned over the years, thanks to a healthy, portion-controlled diet and daily exercise.

"I eat really well and I work out, but I also indulge when I want to," she said. "I don’t starve myself in an extremist way. My advice: just stop eating sh*t every day."

In her early twenties, Aniston was about 30 pounds heavier than she is now, but slimmed down on the advice of her agent, and her career has taken off ever since.

The svelte Aniston credits yoga for toning her muscles, lengthened her limbs and improved her posture.

"My legs got leaner," she has said. "My arms got strong."

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My Apologies!

CAT YOGA       


         Don't worry, I'm not teaching my cats Yoga - YET

Just a quick post to say "I'm Sorry" to all the wonderful people who regularly comment on my blog and my new commenters as wellOne of the things that I enjoy about blogging the most is interacting with other bloggers.  I've had LOTS of little responsibilities with moving, our local SPCA, and Petfinder.  I realize the last thing I needed to do was start this new blog:


which DESPERATELY needs a new url.  This truly might be the longest url in the universe :/  Thank you to Bing of

I Love Hate America for her advice.  Her blog is fantastic and I love how she replies to all of her comments.   I WILL be getting a shorter url just as I will be visiting my blogging friends - it's at the top of my list.

Have a great rest of the week my friends :)

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I Love My New Job!!!


 Sirsasana (headstand)

I started this new blog because I recently became  a certified Yoga instructor looking to connect with others who instruct, practice, or are simply interested in Yoga or Pilates.

I was EXTREMELY fortunate to get a job teaching Yoga the day after I arrived home from my teacher training in Hawaii several months ago.  The gym I work at is very nice and offers a lot of great classes and services to their clientele.  Therefore, I am not using this blog to look for work as a Yoga instructor, but to communicate with others who have similar experiences and or interests.

I would love to hear from any of my readers who either currently teach, have taught, or practice Yoga or Pilate s.  I would love to hear any experiences or stories any of you have had.  If you have ever taken any exercise class.

I am especially interested in knowing what you you like best in an instructor.  Who was the best fitness teacher you ever had and why?

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!


Graduation Day and the Wai Opae Tide Pools in Kapoho


The above photos were taken at the Wai Opae Tide Pools in Kapoho on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This was a very special day for two reasons.  First of all I had a great time in spite of being exhausted on my last day of my Yoga Instructor's training.  Of course the second reason was it was the last day of my Yoga Instructor's training and therefore graduation day!