The Furkids Have All Found Their New "Spots"

The pets were all a little scared at first when we moved into our new home almost two months ago.  You see they all tend to be a little territorial and they each had a place where they seemed to feel safe and thought belonged to them at the old place.  It took them a few weeks, but now seem to love their new home and have each found some places they like just as much as in our old house.  They are not allowed out on the third floor balconys because it's way too far to the ground and there is plenty of space for them on the first and second floor balconys. 

Unfortunately, moving can be quite traumatic for pets.

As you can see from the above photo, Jasmine saw that our dining room table doesn't get enough use and decided to change that.  Peanut made the same decision about our biggest "decoration" :

006 Fleur is a bit of a couch potato:
065 Princess can be found outdoors 99% of the time.  She grew up outside.  We took her in when she was a very pregnant 8-9 month old:
040 Unfortunately, Lizzie likes the warmth of the cable box:
098 Jasmine likes to play hide and seek in the cushions as well:

002Well that's not all of us, but this is photo overload so you will see the other's spots at a later date.  Thanks so much for stopping by. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Until next time. Michelle

Just Some Of This Week's Pets At Our Shelter

It never fails to amaze me that so many beautiful cats and dogs end up at shelters...

For example, Princess, this lovely Papillon, also known as a butterfly dog:

Here is a Lhaso Apso named Clancy:

Here is a super sweet Siamese mix with the prettiest light blue eyes named Tinkerbell:

And LOTS of kittens of all colors and breeds:

Kitten season has unfortunately been extended this year.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you've all had a great week and have wonderful weekend!

Until next time. Michelle

Thankful Thursday: The Story of an HIV Kitty Named Andy Who Is So Loved By His New Family

Momma loves Andy As you can see in the above photo Andy's new mom loves him very much!

Daddy loves Andy too:

Dad loves Andy too
Andy likes to help his daddy at his desk:
Andy 1 and in the garage:
Andy 1 Sweet dreams Andy!
Andy 1Andy is a one and a half year old cat who is sweet as can be.  He was diagnosed with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) when he came to our shelter several months ago.  At the time, he was having some trouble getting around because the muscles in his back legs are weak.  The vet was very worried that Andy's health couldn't be improved.  Worse of all there was some concern that he might be suffering.  Despite this, the wonderful couple in the above photos decided to take Andy into their home and provide him with that TLC that we all know can make such a difference!  The vet has been extremely impressed with Andy's progress and he is continuing to thrive with a wonderful quality of life :)

Andy takes two pills called triamcinolone .5 mg every other day.

Here are eight important facts about FIV that I wanted to share.  This information was taken from the following web site:

1. The Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus is a slow virus that affects a cat's immune system over a period of years.

2. FIV is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines.

3. FIV cats most often live long, healthy, and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all.

4. FIV is not easily passed between cats. It cannot be spread casually - like in litter boxes, water and food bowls, or when snuggling and playing. It is rarely spread from a mother to her kittens.

5. The virus can be spread through blood transfusions, badly infected gums, or serious, penetrating bite wounds. (Bite wounds of this kind are extremely rare, except in free-roaming, unneutered tomcats.)

6. A neutered cat, in a home, is extremely unlikely to infect other cats, if properly introduced.

7. Many vets are not educated about FIV since the virus was only discovered 15 years ago.

8. FIV-positive cats should be kept as healthy as possible. Keep them indoors and free from stress, feed them a high-quality diet, keep and treat any secondary problems as soon as they arise.


One more photo of precious Andy:

Andy 1
Awww...Just goes to show how a little love can make such a difference.  THANK YOU Nancy and Barry for making a difference!!!


Thank you too for stopping by and reading.  I hope eveyone is having a wonderful week.  Until next time. 



My Husband Rescued An Angel Who Can Not Speak...OR Even See For Herself

004My husband found out about the above Persian "Angel" wandering the streets  She was very anemic due to how many fleas she had.  She was also VERY thin since she had just been alone for probably quite a while.  She is a three year old full breed Persian cat and is very beautiful!  Persians are very gentle and are NOT hunters.  Therefore, they are completely dependent on humans for their survival.  While at the vet, it was found that not only was she severely malnourished and anemic, but blind as well.  The vet believed we had found her just in time.

Thank goodness for all of the wonderful volunteers at our shelter.  There were offers by two of them to adopt her right away!  By all accounts she is as sweet as can be.  I was hesitant to visit Angel.  I knew she would remind me of Coco.  I also love, love, love the sweet personality of Persians and knew I would want her too!

Thankfully, Angel went home to her new family today.  She has gained a pound and the anemia is disappearing.  I have NO doubt whatsoever that she will a great life with her new family.  I am so grateful for this happy ending :) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!