There Are Angels Walking Among Us
Happy April Fool's Day! I Am Feeling A Little Foolish :)

"All the Darkness In the World Cannot Extinguish the Light of a Single Candle" ~ Saint Francis of Assisi

Cc5 This will be my final post (at least long one) about the life and times of our angel Coco who was taken way too early.  She would have only turned six years old on May 29th.

I wanted to do one final post to honor the life and times of our angel Coco.  I will probably write another post later on coping with the loss of a pet, but I need to figure that one out myself first :)  Coco will of course always be part of and mentioned on my site.
I will  still mention her and post photos later, but  I wanted to post some of her special qualities and of course more photos.*Coco loved to play fetch with her little mice.  She would even toss them down the stairs, run down to get them and do it over and over again.*Coco loved to help me make the bed every morning.  I would call to her, "Coco making the bed and she would ALWAYS come running.*She would try to jump and reach the fan pull while sitting on our bed by doing such a graceful pirouette in the air. * Although she never had kittens, she was so motherly to all of our cats.  She always had an Eskimo kiss for ALL of them when she walked past them.
*Best of all, she always knew when something was wrong.  When I was sick, she never left my side - I will of course always be grateful.I am planting a small garden in her memory and assembling another special scrapbook devoted to Coco.  I am also going to make a donation to the Blind Cat Rescue in her name,  Coco could see, but I think this is such a wonderful organization.I will leave you some of my angel's favorite photos.Thanks for visiting and all of your wonderful comments - they have helped more than you can imagine!!!Cc1

Cc4 Cc7 Cc3



and lastly, getting ready to play the piano:

Rest in peace Coco our precious angel





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What a beautiful post and what a wonderful kitty. And how nice of you to plant a garden and make a donation, Michelle, you're an angel.


This is a wonderful, heartwarming tribute to Coco. I love the idea of planting a garden in her honour. I also love the pictures, especially the one at the piano:)
Michelle, you're a sweet person with a heart of gold.


A garden and a donation to a beautiful cause are wonderful tributes to Coco. I think she is at the Rainbow Bridge smiling for you, and I know she would not want you to be too sad.

Kymberlie R. McGuire

I'm very sorry about your loss. She was a beautiful cat and donating to the Blind Cat Rescue is so kind and thoughtful of you.

Mike Golch

Sorry that you lost your baby.Hugs.


All the photos are wonderful but that lat one was a pip - so made me smile

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